Amy Winehouse Forced Back to Rehab

June 14, 2010 By:
Amy Winehouse Forced Back to Rehab

Amy Winehouse’s life has become somewhat of a parody. She’s apparently back in rehab again. And this time it’s at the request of her boyfriend.

Since we’re sure you’re as lost as we are, Amy is no longer dating Blake Fielder-Civil anymore—she’s moved on to some classier bloke who actually gives a crap if she lives or dies.

According to The Sun, the new BF Reg Traviss coaxed Wino back into rehab after she went on one of her typical drinking binges. The report says Amy checked into The London Clinic on Friday.

Amy Winehouse Back in Hospital

A source said: "When she's not on the bottle they get on brilliantly. But Reg has told her to quit the booze, otherwise he'll be off, and she hit it hard last week.

"She wants to keep him so has decided to make a huge effort to stay sober,” added a friend.

So who is this Traviss guy? A movie director, according to sources, who say they like him a lot better than Blake. Amy’s father is apparently a big fan of him too. "Amy really likes him. They've been seeing each other for a good few weeks now. He's a decent bloke with his feet firmly on the ground. He's cultured and talented and they talk and laugh about all sorts. And they are openly affectionate in front of friends and family now too,” said the source.

Sounds like he’s the kind of guy Amy needs to be with. But we just can’t see what he sees in her! Hopefully he can eventually get Winehouse to start making music again!