Amy Winehouse Flies Home to Reunite with Blake

February 26, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Flies Home to Reunite with Blake

Maybe the crackie romance isn’t over! As we reported yesterday, Blake was released from prison.

Amy Winehouse has been in St. Lucia doing whatever she’s been doing the past few weeks, but when she heard the news, she flew back to London immediately.

According to the UK Sun, "Hearing Blake has brought out lots of emotions back for Amy. She feels like she was the last to know he was getting released and that hurt. She is desperate to see him again and wants to work things out. She still loves him."

But we’re not sure Blake feels the same way. Outside prison yesterday, Blake told reporters about his plans to go ahead with the divorce. He said, “It’s all going ahead – but I don’t really know what will happen. It’s just nice to be out. Now I am going to get over my drug habit.”

Even Amy’s spokesperson admitted that she doesn’t think Blake will take her back now, saying, “I don’t know if Blake will change his plans.”

It’s strange that suddenly now that Blake is out of prison that Amy has this change of heart. As much as she thinks she loves him, now probably isn’t the best time to be getting back together.

Blake admitted he still has a drug problem, and it’s not healthy for Amy to be around a fellow addict all the time!