Amy Winehouse Documentary in the Works

May 19, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Documentary in the Works

Since Amy Winehouse doesn’t seem to be doing anything worthwhile musically, a filmmaker has stepped forward to create a documentary about her life.

According to a statement posted on Amy’s Myspace page today, international interviewer Daphne Barak spent time with Amy while she’s been in St. Lucia, and hopes to turn it into a documentary about her complicated life.

The Celebrity Myspace blog message reads:

Amy Documentary On It’s Way

"Amy and her family will be the subject of a new documentary later this year from respected Israeli-American interviewer Daphne Barak whose subjects over the years have included celebrities, royalty, world leaders, and international personalities.

"The journalist spent time with Amy and her family recently on St. Lucia and in true honest to goodness Amy style the doc will be a truthful and revealing look at her complicated life.”

The documentary is expected later this year. This one is going to be good!! But in a way, it’s sad that there’s a documentary about a woman being done who has only put out two full-length albums.

In theory, Amy should be too busy to have someone tape her life. But rather than be successful and make music like we all know she can, she’s wasting her life on drugs and alcohol!