Amy Winehouse Denied U.S. Visa

March 9, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Denied U.S. Visa

Things are not looking up for Amy Winehouse! First, she went back to London in hopes of reuniting with her soon to be ex-husband Blake and that didn’t go so well, and now she’s been denied a visa to come to America.

Amy had high hopes to make a big musical comeback at the Coachella Music Festival but those hopes were shattered when she was reportedly denied access to the U.S. because of her legal troubles.

Last week Amy was formally charged with assault after an alleged incident that occurred last September at the posh End Of Summer Ball in London's Berkeley Square. Amy is due back in court on March 17 to face those charges.

Every time Amy has plans to come to the U.S. something goes wrong. In 2008 Amy had to skip out on the Grammy’s last minute because she was denied a Visa.

Maybe she should work on a comeback in the U.K before attempting to come to the U.S. Just a thought!