Amy Winehouse Back in London!

March 2, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Back in London!

Amy Winehouse arrived back home yesterday after her extended vacation in St. Lucia. Amy had vowed to stay on the island until her husband was released from jail and she did!

Her Blakey was released from jail late last week and when Amy heard the news she packed up and came back home.

In true Amy fashion however, she reportedly got into a little fight in the plane on her way home.

A source told the Sun: “Amy went wild. She thought this guy was giving her strange looks and just lost it.

“She was nervous about coming back and seeing Blake so it didn’t take much to push her over the edge.”

The good news is Amy quickly got over it and when she landed, they took her to her new pad. Her new house is to help her stay off drugs.

Amy and Blake have not seen each other and Amy has expressed how much she does not wanna get divorced. Blake on the other hand is reportedly over his marriage to Amy! We shall see what happens!