Amy Winehouse and Blake Talking Again?

August 14, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse and Blake Talking Again?

We were hoping we’d heard the last of the relationship between Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil. But it seems the two may have re-opened the lines of communication.

According to The Sun, Wino has set up a Facebook profile under her cat Shirley’s name to send messages to Blake, who is currently at a rehab center in Yorkshire, England.

One of “Shirley’s” posts reads: "Oi mummy was saying to her friend about th time she made you breakfast an you drank all th nesquik til you was sick xxxxxxx."

Another says, "Sailor sort it you're her co-hort. consort still. as you both know you're unswerving. just as much as you're deserving."

Sailor is apparently one of Amy’s pet names for Blake. He has since changed his relationship status on Facebook from Single, to It’s Complicated, to now Married!

That’s the last thing we need! Amy is finally getting back on track, and now Blake is sucking her back in! Their divorce is set to be finalized on August 28th, so let’s hope nothing more comes out of this and they stay apart! So many of Amy’s drug problems were because of him!