Amy Winehouse Almost Died Twice

January 20, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Almost Died Twice

We knew Amy Winehouse had a really bad drug problem, but today we got some disturbing facts from her father Mitch.

Mitch wants the world to know that despite media reports of Amy's erratic behavior, she's clean and sober right now while in St. Lucia.

Wino has been on holiday on the island since before the New Year and apparently isn't planning on returning to the UK anytime soon. And her dad doesn't seem to mind, in fact, he likes it better that way.

He tells Hello magazine, "Stories about my troubled daughter are selling newspapers and magazines. They don't want her to get better. But she is better.

"They didn't see her lying in bed for days in a dark room. She was close to death twice. We have been working a lot to get her to where she is right now."

Wow what a heartbreaking scene for a parent. Guess those "she had an allergic reaction" stories were all just a cover up for a bigger problem. Either way, we're glad she's doing better, and hope she doesn't fall back into her old habits.