Amy Has A New Outlook On Life

January 3, 2008 By:
Amy Has A New Outlook On Life

Amy Winehouse spent her New Years in the Caribbean with Bryan Adams and she feels like the trip has completely changed her. Winehouse insists that she has changed her outlook on life. So she actually wants to live past 30 now?

She says, "I've learnt to appreciate the simple things, like the beauty of nature. And it's taught me to face my fears. It's a different world down there. I can look at things in a new way.

"I've come to the realization that life is too short; I want to make sure I live every minute of it."

I'm gonna be optimistic but no where in that quote does she say she’s cleaning up so don’t hold your breath. She just says she wants to live every minute of her life because she feels like life's short. Yes you should Amy! Maybe she should try living it sober so she actually realize what life is all about.