Amy Smart Marrying the Hot Guy from HGTV This Saturday

September 7, 2011 By:
Amy Smart Marrying the Hot Guy from HGTV This Saturday

This Saturday, Amy Smart is set to wed Carter Oosterhouse, better known as the only reason I started watching HGTV.

The couple is going to forego the spotlight of Hollywood and head to Oosterhouse's hometown for the ceremony—Taverse City, Michigan. It will be a small wedding, with only 150 of the couple's closest friends and family.

Hollyscoop talked to the beautiful, soon-to-be bride about her upcoming nuptials.

"I'm getting married very soon. [The dress] is all picked out," she told us.

The gown is reportedly off-white and tiered, but other than that, Amy wouldn't dish any more details.

"I'm not telling, I can't even tell my fiancé. I can't tell anyone else," she said. The only hint she'd give us: "It's kind of right for where we're getting married."

The couple got engaged back in April, after they met at a green-charity event in November. Oosterhouse is an eco-friendly builder that originally appeared on the TLC series, Trading Spaces.

Since their engagement, Amy's been spending a lot of time in Michigan.

"I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve been going back east to Northern Michigan where I have family and just having a great summer there," she tells us. "It's so beautiful the lake, clear skies, and then being back here is great; I just love the summer. I love when its warm, I love soaking in the sun and drinking lots of water."

And when it comes to planning for the big day, Oosterhouse has been nothing but helpful.

"[Carter's] very hands-on. He has definitely been my co-pilot with this."

It's official. Amy Smart was a saint in her past life.

"He works on HGTV. I mean, he's about designs, so he has a good eye for things, and he likes that," Smart told Hollyscoop.

A friend of the couple told In Touch why they were so quick to get married:

"They make a perfect pair. She was a spokesperson for Heal the Bay for years and he’s an eco-friendly builder. They didn’t see a reason to wait. They're a match made in eco-heaven.”

There you have it, Amy Smart has an environmental obligation to marry this man.

The actress has recently touted eco-friendly fashion, saying:

"It’s a domino effect, stepping into a world of being more eco, There are so many up-and-coming designers — for it to be fashionable, fun and affordable, I’m all for it.”