What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

June 24, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

America's Got Talent @ 9pm

It's week two of the new season of this talent show, which gives performers
from all over the country -- from violin players to ventriloquists -- the
chance to win a million bucks. Jerry Springer serves as host, while actor
David Hasselhoff, music biz whiz Sharon Osbourne, and U.K. TV personality
Piers Morgan serve as the judges who get to decide which aspiring star has
more talent than the rest.

Wipeout @ 8pm

If you like to see people bang their heads, fall on their hind parts and
deal with all sorts of comic mayhem, this is your show. Each week, 24
contestants try to navigate an extreme obstacle course, and the most
successful participant receives a $50,000 prize at season's end while
everyone else will wipe out. Among the contestants providing the thrills and
spills tonight are a deputy sheriff, a pastor, a go-go dancer, a masseuse, a
waitress, a car-show model, a credit manager and a handyman.

Hell's Kitchen @ 9pm

Sure Corey, Petrozza and Christina are thrilled to be rid of the
trouble-making Jen, but there's no time to celebrate as the three of them
have to buckle down and get more serious than ever since Chef Ramsay's final
decision -- which will change the winner's life forever -- is fast
approaching. Tonight good old Gordon surprises the final 3 with an
invitation to join him and a few special guests for a breakfast he prepared
himself. But the meal turns out to be more business than pleasure when
Ramsay asks the chefs to recreate the signature dish they just ate. Later at
dinner service, Chef Ramsay gives each of the final 3 chefs a shot at
running the hot plate. When Gordon and his sous chef purposely start
sabotaging dinner to see how the chefs react, he gets some insight to how
his protégés handle pressure on the job.

30 Days @ 10pm

Morgan Spurlock begins a two-week stint as a culture-war correspondent with
tonight's dispatch from a farm outside Ypsilanti, Mich., where a University
of Eastern Michigan communication professor, his gay partner and their four
adopted sons welcome a Mormon mother of two (boys, also adopted, and she's
an adoptee herself) who opposes gay adoption. Will their month together
change her mind? She sees early on that her hosts are loving and skilled
parents. She also sees some awful places in nearby Detroit where kids who
aren't adopted can end up. But same-sex parenting, she believes, "is going
against God." Next week: gun control.