Nick Cannon On 'America's Got Talent': I Think We'd Kill Each Other

May 14, 2012 By:
Nick Cannon On 'America's Got Talent': I Think We'd Kill Each Other

It's the season premiere of America’s Got Talent tonight on NBC. Are you going to watch? Let me rephrase that, are you going to watch Howard Stern on TV tonight? Yeaaahhh, ok.

They are promoting the show as Howard Stern is bringing “edge” and “controversy” back to America’s Got Talent.

To tease the new season, the show just released a behind-the-scenes video from the making of their new promo video for the season premiere. I’m sure you’ve seen the promo itself, the AGT judges travel the country in a car while all sorts of talent fly from everywhere, attaching themselves to the moving vehicle. It’s pretty epic, is what I’m trying to say.

Or as Howie Mandel puts it, “I think that we are in the midst of filming an epic. There’s talk at NBC of making this a full length feature, ‘Promo: The Feature!’ But how do you promote a promo that is a feature?”

But more importantly, how do you put Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbournee, Nick Cannon, and Howard Stern in a car together for THAT long!?

“Could you imagine if we really had to be stuck in this car cross country?” says Nick Cannon, “We’d kill each other in the first 20 minutes.”

Sharon Osbourne says there’s no way she’d ever agree to a car ride with those three guys.

“I think Nick and I would be absolute fine, but the four of us? No. I would hang myself,” Sharon deadpans.