America's Got Talent Is Now The Howard Stern Show

May 15, 2012 By:
America's Got Talent Is Now The Howard Stern Show

The 7th season of “America’s Got Talent” premiered last night and to no-one’s surprise, the show was all about new judge Howard Stern. But did the shock jock deliver the “edge” or just fill a void left by former judge, sock puppet, Piers Morgan?

Both. Let me explain.

Stern had his fair share of OMG moments. He told one scantily-clad magician, “Are you a stripper or a magician?” Upon deciding that he was indeed a stripper, Stern told the guy, “As a stripper you can’t have man-boob,” before adding, “And you have a rather small package.”

Then John Travolta ran onstage and yelled “$1200!” I’m kidding.

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One contestant, a man dressed as a pirate, who sticks needles in his face (sidenote: Why is this show on television? Does ANYBODY have an answer?), Howard told the guy, “I actually want to thank you because you remind me why I don’t like people.”


On the other hand, Howard has turned into a total softie.

One guy played a harp, which on the scale of stringed instruments is definitely the lamest, but Howard ran onstage, cradled the guys head in his hands, kissed him and said, “I made my career out of originality and I bow to you.”

He also doled out some parenting advice, telling one father-daughter talent duo, “I think every father in America right now is saying, "Wow. That's the kind of relationship I want with my daughter' ... this is what I call perfection."

The shock factors were expected, but it was his sweetness that was truly shocking. That being said, nice Howard is basically the Steven Tyler of AGT and I think we’re all going to get bored real fast.

Get back to radio and keep talking about your package!