Underdog Wins Big At America's Best Dance Crew

August 25, 2008 By:
Underdog Wins Big At America's Best Dance Crew

Talk about the year of the underdog! Super Cr3w beat the SoReal Cru for season 2 of "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew." Hollyscoop was on hand just moments after the winner was announced getting you guys the scoop.

The winners told Hollyscoop, "It's a long time coming, now it's here." They added, "We always dreamed about that but its so crazy that were actually standing here talking to you guys with a big heavy trophy in our hands, its unbelievable honestly."

We caught up with the judges and host Mario Lopez who told us, "They were the bottom three 3 times so you never knew what was going to happen, that was the crazy thing about this season."

Reactions from the stars:

JC Chasez:
"I wouldn't say I was surprised, I was excited for both crews, because they both worked really hard to get here, at the end of the day Super Cr3w just did a little more of what America wanted to see."

Lil Mama:

"I definitely wanted it for them, they definitely deserved it, I believe in the underdog, I believe in the person that nobody else could see the talent, but it's there."

Shane Sparks:

"What people don't understand is that chemistry is a way more important than your choreography. They've been together 8 years so they've got this chemistry."

Laya Kayleigh:

I knew from the gecko they've got heart, if you don’t have passion, you don’t have heart no matter how talented you are its not going to come across, people see that. You don’t understand what these guys have been through, these guys keep their composure but they’ve dealt with loss in their family, they've really taken their personal problems and channeled that."

SoReal Cru::

"Unbelievable feeling, you dream about stuff like this, we made top 2 out of how many crews tried out for this show, I am just proud of every opportunity we get."

What’s next for Super Cr3w? They get to go on a 25-city tour with last year’s winners JabbaWockeeZ and win a cash prize.

Check out the clip below, which includes exclusives interviews with the crew and stars...