So You Think You Can Dance Recap

July 18, 2008 By:
So You Think You Can Dance Recap

The show opened with another a-mazing visual stunning performance with the five girls dressed as angels. Very angelic and atmospheric gave just the right intro. Fun fact: three of the show's choreographers Shane Sparks, Wade Robson, and Mia Michaels were nominated for an Emmy. Very well deserved for all of them, good luck!

Our mystery male choreographer was our very own Nigel Lythgoe. With the help of his assistants, he put the boys together in a very broadway-esque skit. The were dressed in relaxed hip hop gear that didn't seem to do anything for the performance. Nigel should have def. looked over that, but E for effort!

Down to the results: the most surprising twist for this week was that Comfort was brought back after being eliminated last week- due to Jessica leaving early from an injury. And last night, another surprise for us......Kherington got the least amount of votes and was sent home! After a great solo performance, the audience and viewers at home were shocked to see the results.

She was on top when paired with Twitch, but after a few lustless performances she slipped in rankings. Comfort saved her butt after delivering an amazing hip hop performance and solo show. For the boys, it was between Gev and Mark.

No surprise there, they both delivered forgettable performances. And with a great solo piece, Gev unfortunately took the bite. Like I said before, at this point in the game you have to do more than just deliver a well danced routine, you have to bring that extra something only you can provide. Let's stay tuned next week to see what's "for real" cue the hand signal!!