Will X-Factor Live Up to the Hype?

March 8, 2011 By:
Will X-Factor Live Up to the Hype?

When Simon Cowell left
American Idol, everyone thought it was the end of the show and no one anticipated it being so successful with a new set of judges.

But clearly we were all proven wrong because the new season of Idol has broke records with their ratings. According to Nielsen ratings, Season 10 of American Idol ranked third and fifth among the top 10 network broadcasts last week. Now that's impressive!

Show creator Simon Fuller credits Idol’s new season's success to the two new judges added in the panel: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

He also believes the shows positive tone has attributed to its good ratings. "The addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, real stars who also shared that dream, has brought a new level of understanding and empathy to the show,” Fuller noted.

So what will happen to Idol when its competitor X-Factor goes on air? Hollyscoop asked The Boss, Rupert Murdoch his thoughts, "Yes, that's coming along, but I'm excited also about how Idol is doing."

He added, "It's getting better, they've done a lot of work, it's good, it's really good."

Meanwhile, Simon is ready to take America by storm yet again with the fall premiere of The X Factor. This time, Cowell is opening the audition process to contestants 12 years old and up and promising a $5 million recording contract to the winner.

The British music mogul told reporters that he's ready for a new challenge, but he's also very nervous. "I kind of feel at the moment like I did when we were launching American Idol: I was excited about the show, I was excited about the prospects, but I hadn't a clue whether it was going to be a hit or whether we were going to be kicked out of the country after three weeks."

When asked about the new season of Idol, Cowell isn't shocked that the show is doing so well. "I always thought that would be the case. What I was more concerned about was the ratings falling off a cliff, meaning that that whole genre is now over. I think the good news is that people are still excited about these shows, whether it be that show, Dancing with the Stars, which has definitely gotten better over the years, America's Got Talent, which the ratings have gone up over the years. People, thank God, still like these shows, and that gives me more confidence when we launch ours."

Will Simon Cowell's new show dominate? I guess we need to wait until Fall to find out.

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