Victoria Beckham Plays Nice on Idol Premiere

January 13, 2010 By:
Victoria Beckham Plays Nice on Idol Premiere

Season nine of American Idol kicked off last night, and it was a little sad not seeing Paula Abdul sitting at the judges’ table. But she was replaced last night by the first of the guest judges, Victoria Beckham.

Surprisingly, Victoria wasn’t the one contestants needed to be afraid of. Even if their audition was less-than-par, Vicki found a way to complement each one of them. We had no idea she was such a softy!

She even yelled at Simon Cowell, who kept rolling his eyes at auditioners. “Why do you do that?” she said. “It takes so much nerve to stand there and do that."

The critics have panned Posh this morning, slamming her for looking too skinny, but some say she stood up well against Simon.

Did you tune in last night? How do you think Victoria measured up as a judge?