The Phillips Family May Have Predicted An 'Idol' Win

May 24, 2012 By:
The Phillips Family May Have Predicted An 'Idol' Win

Hey, did you guys happen to hear that Phillip Phillips won American Idol last night?

The extremely likeable Georgia native’s solid all-American upbringing is apparent every time he opens his mouth –- to speak, or sing. After winning the Idol popular vote, it’s clear this well-rounded champion, who came from humble beginnings, is destined for big things. And his family is so confident they’ll all be getting a piece of this fresh baked American pie, they’re taking it to the bank.

The Phillips family business, Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn, is officially on the market and (unlike the title spot on A.I.) is up for grabs.

Willcox Realty, the listing agency, confirmed the business is available but could not provide any details until speaking with the owner who he believes may be in California. The property has been listed with Willcox Realty for 10 days.

Donnie, the family’s patriarch has previously considered selling the establishment for around $200,000. But riding high on the wave of his son's win, and the tsunami of media attention the shop earned as a former workplace and current prefix for (“former pawn shop worker”) Phillip -- it’s conceivable he might be able to list it for a bit more.

So without the shop to keep them busy, what’s up next for the Phillips clan? It could be that they’re looking forward to getting a piece of the newest family franchise, Phillip himself.