Simon Predicts Adam and Danny for Idol Final Two

April 28, 2009 By:
Simon Predicts Adam and Danny for Idol Final Two

There are still a few weeks left on American Idol. It’s down to the final five contestants, but Simon Cowell has his eye on two in particular.

At a press conference for America’s Got Talent, Simon revealed, “I would put my money on Adam and Danny … It is going to be Adam and somebody. “I would like to see Adam and Danny because I think they are the best two singers, and at the end of the day that is what should happen.”

Well, Simon is usually right when it comes to these things. He’s predicted several Idol hopefuls to win, and they have done so.

Now, switching gears to Simon’s other show, Britain’s Got Talent, he’s not 100% convinced that singing sensation Susan Boyle has what it takes to win it all. She’s become an Internet phenomenon in the last few weeks, but Simon thinks a victory isn’t in the bag.

He tells Access Hollywood,
"She has four weeks to prepare for the biggest night of her life, which is, she's got to sing better than she sang before. It could all go horribly wrong now because there's so many other distraction.”

What do you think of Simon’s assumptions on both the Idol and Britain’s Got Talent finals?