Simon Isn't Sorry

March 19, 2007 By:
Simon Isn't Sorry

Simon Cowell may be harsh and a little heartless and in case you ever wondered if he regrets some of the things he says--he doesn't!

In an interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes' the 'American Idol' judge reveals, "I don't think I'm humiliating anybody. Possibly [the contestants are] humiliating themselves. No one is dragged into that audition room kicking and screaming."

Does Simon sleep comfortably at nights knowing that he is downright nasty? With all sincerity Simon reveals, "I don't have a conscience about this at all. At the end of the day, if you've decided you want to enter 'American Idol', you want a short circuit to be rich and famous. If that means you have to take a bit of criticism along the way - tough."

Gotta love this guy for his honesty but sometimes he can be downright cruel! What do you guys think? Does Simon go overboard or is he entertaining?