Scott MacIntyre Doesn't Get the Save on American Idol

April 9, 2009 By:
Scott MacIntyre Doesn't Get the Save on American Idol

It’s down to seven on American Idol! It was pretty obvious who the bottom three would be last night, and we knew it would come down to Scott and Lil Rounds.

Scott ended up being the contestant with the least amount of votes, and therefore was forced to sing for his life. The judges spent the couple of minutes during Scott’s song to decide whether or not he was worth the save.

This was the first night the judges actually had a tough time deciding whether or not to use their veto power. In fact, Simon informed Scott that the judges were split 50/50 on it! We didn’t find out who were the two who wanted him to stay last night, but Us Weekly reported this morning that it was Kara and Paula.

Although Scott’s gone, he won’t be forgotten. His commitment to the competition with his visual impairment was really inspiring, and in the grand scheme of things, he made it really far! Paula gave him a great send-off, saying he was "an inspiration to the entire world" and "one classy gentleman."

Tune in to next week’s Idol where two huge music powerhouses will take the stage: Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson!