Sanjaya Malakar Comes Out

April 26, 2007 By:
Sanjaya Malakar Comes Out

Sanjaya Malakar has come out of the closet about his personal life. This American Idol reject admitted that he is smooth with the ladies and really knows “what women want”.

"I've always gotten along with girls better because I was raised by women", in a statement he gave to People magazine. He also mentions that his close relationship to his mother and sister has given him ease with the ladies. Prior to his popularity Sanjaya didn’t have it easy.

"I got teased in school because people figured I must be gay because I understand women.
" "I think that's why guys didn't like me – because I got along with girls so well. When I went up to girls they would give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek like I was their gay friend. But I was the straight guy that understood them."

Either Sanjaya is gay or he’s taking his 15 minutes of fame way over his head. Are you guys over Sanjaya or is he going to milk 15 more minutes?