Ryan Seacrest Sick But The Show Must Go On

April 26, 2012 By:
Ryan Seacrest Sick But The Show Must Go On

An “Americal Idol” episode without Ryan Seacrest? Not on your life!

Yesterday, TMZ reported that sources said Seacrest was so ill with a stomach bug that he had to miss the dress rehearsal. We hope it’s not contagious! Vomiting and singing really don’t mix, I’m sure the audience would agree.

Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe took over Seacrest’s duties for the afternoon and was gamely ready to do the show in case the intrepid host couldn’t go on for the first time in eleven seasons.

Nigel joked to TMZ, "I'm sending my rehearsal tape to "X-Factor." I could be the next Steve Jones. Not as handsome but just as good. Literally!"
Oh, Nigel, you kidder!

However, there was nothing to fear for true “Idol” fanatics. Nigel was not the host, the puke buckets were hidden offstage, and Ryan Seacrest showed up like the seasoned pro that he is, because true to the Queen song that Skylar sang later that night, “The Show Must Go On.”

Everyone pitched in during the Seacrest crisis!

Seacrest was spared the walk down the Stairway from Paradise, leaving the judges to make that entrance. Seacrest waited for them at the judges’ table, where they all hugged and shook hands as if no one’s ever heard of hand sanitizer or bird flu masks, leading the Washington Post to speculate that maybe everyone will be sick next week! Stay tuned.