Report: Randy Jackson No Longer Judge On American Idol

August 31, 2012 By:
Report: Randy Jackson No Longer Judge On American Idol

Say it ‘aint so! Randy Jackson, the only remaining “Idol” originator, will no longer be a judge on the talent show.

Sources told TMZ that Randy will still stay on the show as a “mentor” which is the new trend amongst the talent singing shows to jam pack as many unnecessary celeb appearances into one episode as possible and call them "mentors."

Now with Randy out, the only official judge is Mariah Carey. Sources reveal that Idol wants four judges this season, but they better hurry up and sign them or it’ll end up like that random year when Ellen DeGeneres was a judge.

As for the second judge, Nicki Minaj’s judges deal is basically done. I can’t believe someone as popular as Nicki would do a reality show, but it seems like it’s actually happening.

Apparently, Mariah Carey is NOT a fan of the rapper, and of course the “Idol” producers love this because the two will cat fight and the audience will go nuts, because this show is, after all, about the judges and NOT about the contestants. Trivia Time: Who won American Idol this year!? Uhh, the hot guy? Or was it the country singer? Or was that the year before? Exactly! You have NO IDEA!

If Nicki signs on that leaves two spots open. Keith Urban is also close to signing a deal, but if he doesn’t go through the show DOES want a country music act as the third judge.

As for the fourth spot, there were rumblings that Kanye West and Diddy were joining the show, but those were definitely rumors.

UPDATED: Randy Jackson's rep tells Hollyscoop they have 'no comment' about the reports. Story developing...