Report: American Idol Ending

March 25, 2010 By:
Report: American Idol Ending

We saw this coming! Rumor has it American Idol is going to be over after next season! The show is pretty much falling apart at the seems—first with Paula Abdul leaving due to contractual reasons, and now Simon Cowell is leaving Idol in the dust for his new show The X Factor.

Star magazine claims next season will be the show’s last. "Producers know Simon really makes the show, and they feel like they could go only one season without him and the quality will suffer after that,” says a show source.

Another insider says by 2012 the show will be over. “By that times, the show will have been on the air for more than a decade, and the producers figure that’s long enough…That’s the reason why FOX is planning to conclude the show in three years, and why they’ve signed host Ryan Seacrest to a new contract for three years.”

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And lucky for Simon, his new show is going to be considered the new Idol. Source say, “When it’s over, the plan is to replace it with an American version of Simon Cowell’s British smash hit, The X Factor, a competition like Idol, but open to singers of all musical styles and all ages over 16.”

As for the final season of Idol, insiders say they may just bring back all the best contestants from year’s past and have them compete against each other. The source snitches, “There’ll be a swan song season 11 which will feature some of the most popular contestants in the history of the show. They’ll compete against one another for the crown of ‘America’s Top Idol,’” according to the insider who adds that, “It will be a grand final experience for a TV phenomenon.”

We already knew we were going to stop watching Idol once Simon left, and we’re really excited to see how The X Factor does here in the U.S. Plus, this season is pretty painful! After Adam Lambert last year, no one can even come close!