Phil Phillips To Be Released From Hospital Following Surgery

June 12, 2012 By:
Phil Phillips To Be Released From Hospital Following Surgery

American Idol” fans across the country can breath a big sigh of relief today. Phil Phillips is recovering from a successful surgery and plans to join the tour in July.

The season 11 champion is expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday after undergoing surgery due to a severe case of kidney stones. Complications in the procedure prolonged the length of the surgery.

According to TMZ, Phillips' was under the knife for six hours - a major surgery - and will be recovering in a Malibu mansion on loan from one of the higher-ups of “Idol.”

During the procedure, the previous stent used was reportedly too long and became embedded in Mr. Phillips interiors. As a result, surgeons had to cut the instrument out using a laser.

Still, Phillips is fine and is hoping to recover in time to participate in the infamous summer “Idol” tour that kicks off in Detroit on July 6.

The singer was hospitalized before in March complaining about severe abdominal pain. TMZ initially reported that doctors suspected the cause to be gallstones.

Phillips, of course, isn’t the first “Idol” contestant to be licked with the bad luck of requiring medical attention while on the show. David Cook, Casey Abrams, Crystal Bowersox, and Lauren Alaina are among those who suffered medical emergencies over the years during competition.

In fact, that trend is so common one might venture to call it a curse… The “American Idol” Curse… You heard it here first.