Paula's Publicist Sets The Record Straight

April 30, 2008 By:
Paula's Publicist Sets The Record Straight

Paula Abdul's publicist Jeff Ballard is trying to set the record straight after Paula's seemingly drunk appearance on Idol last night.

He says: "Set the record straight…..Paula was NOT drunk yesterday, she did not have a martini yesterday at lunch. It was a sparkling water with lime….she DOES NOT drink……you are just repeating what TMZ had up for a few minutes earlier today and have since taken down completely since they didn't have the proof to back it up…and don't want to risk legal action. It also wasn't her assistant that was with her…it was the head of Talent for FOX.

Do the right thing and correct this erroneous reporting."

He seems angry and defensive. Kind of like the way people act when they know they're in the wrong. Admit it and we'll all love her for it!