Paula Abdul to Idol: If the Price is Right

May 13, 2010 By:
Paula Abdul to Idol: If the Price is Right

Good news for all you Paula Abdul and American Idol fans--she's willing to come back to the show, for the right price.

Paula has reportedly told Simon Cowell she would be more than happy to return to Idol--if he pays her $3 million in advance.

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“Paula really wants to reunite with Simon on his new show next year,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“But she thinks he needs to either put up – or shut up!”

The source adds that Paula and Simon “have discussed reteaming, but Paula feels Simon needs to commit financially.”

Simon is going to leave the show at the end of its current season so he needs someone like Paula on the show to revamp things up. Paula certainly left a void when she left, as will Simon, but is the show beyond saving at this point? What are your thoughts?