No 'American Idol' For Jon Bon Jovi

July 19, 2012 By:
No 'American Idol' For Jon Bon Jovi

Even though Jennifer Lopez took the liberty of dropping his name as her potential replacement, Jon Bon Jovi is not interested in joining “American Idol.”

According to TMZ, a source that’s “extremely close to the singer” says Jon has too much other stuff going on to sit in a chair for the next however many months it takes to find a star.

"With all systems go for a new album and a mega-tour on the horizon, Jon wouldn't be able to give those aspiring singers the guidance they deserve," the source said.

"Jon wouldn't commit to anything unless he can give 100%. With planning for the next album already underway, he's focused on the band."
Basically, this rock star is too busy being a rock star to mentor hopeful future rock stars.

Things have been seemingly apocalyptic in the last week for “Idol.” Lopez hinted for weeks at leaving before Steven Tyler took the bunny by the tail and said flat out that he was done.

Lo then decided to follow his leather pants lead and walk out the door.

Later that same day, reports surfaced that Randy Jackson doesn't want to be the last man standing though he apparently want to remain with the show in some capacity.

That same reveal included a little hint hint that possibly Mariah Carey (managed by Jackson) might take a seat on the panel – though nothing has been confirmed.

Rumors have also been swirling about the legendary Aretha Franklin joining the cast.
JLo suggested a few others in an interview, Mick Jagger and Bono….

Though I think the “too busy being a rock star” angle might apply to the former, and the latter has quite a few obligations trying to save the world – like, the real world, not the one fabricated for the cameras.

Either something really big is in the works and the producers are holding off on the announcement, enjoying all the attention the speculation is bringing the show…

Or, maybe at this point, they really are just living on a prayer.