Megan Joy Sent Home on American Idol

April 2, 2009 By:
Megan Joy Sent Home on American Idol

The group of finalists on American Idol is slowly dwindling. Last night, contestant Megan Joy was sent home, bringing the group down to the final eight.

This didn’t come as a total shock after hearing Megan’s performance the previous night, in which she picked the Bob Marly-Lauren Hill collaboration Turn Your Lights Down Low. The theme was American Top 40, where the contestants were given the chance to pick probably the widest range of songs yet. But the song choices were, for the most part, all shot down by the judges. The two big exceptions of the night were Adam Lambert’s Play That Funky Music White Boy and Kris Allen’s Aint No Sunshine.

So at last night’s elimination, it could have been a number of people in the bottom three. It came down to Megan, Anoop, and Allison. When Ryan asked Megan what she thought about Simon’s criticism of her performance, she said, “I love you Simon, but I don’t really care.”

That comment would come back to bite her when the judge’s were faced with the decision on whether to use their veto power on her or not. Simon gave it right back to her saying that they didn’t care either.

The goodbye was probably one of the more emotional ones yet, as Megan looked relieved that she’d be coming back home to her baby boy, but sad to leave her friends she’d made on Idol.

She talked with MTV after her elimination and said she has no regrets. She says, “No regrets ever. I wouldn't take anything back. I was happy to go the way I did. ... I just was honest. I cared about the competition. I didn't want people to misunderstand me not caring — I just didn't care that Simon didn't like my song. I couldn't help but be honest.”

She also said, “As sad as I am that I'm leaving and I'm done with this show, there is a very big part of me that cannot wait to see my son. It's been too long. I'm ready to hold him in my arms again. Part of me is ready.”

It’s down to 8 now! Who will be cast off next??