Judges Were Over Jason Castro

May 8, 2008 By:
Judges Were Over Jason Castro

Jason Castro's elimination on American Idol last night didn't seem to surprise many, including the judges. Paula told ET after the show, "I think that Jason Castro kind of hit his wall. He lacks that professionalism and that experience."

She's obviously referring to Jason forgetting the lyrics to Bob Dylan's Tambourine Man, which made Simon say, "Pack your suitcase."

While America was probably right to vote Jason off this week, it seemed deep down that that's what he wanted. He's such a free spirit and has such originality, that he almost doesn't belong in a competition as cheesy and commercialized as American Idol. Towards the end, it was clear to see that Jason knew he belongs elsewhere in the music industry.

Hopefully his run on Idol will help push him in the direction of his dreams, and that he never loses the signature dreads and keeps rockin out!