Bikini Girl And Kara DioGaurdi Face Off On Idol

February 4, 2009 By:
Bikini Girl And Kara DioGaurdi Face Off On Idol

It’s Hollywood week on American Idol! And you know what that means…..tears! And lots of them! The first round of Hollywood Week kicked off last night as 137 hopefuls came to the Kodak Theater to give the judges their second shot. Among those hopefuls? Bikini Girl! Her real name is Katrina Darrell, but BG is so much more fitting.

Needless to say, the first meeting between BG and new judge Kara DioGuardi didn’t exactly go well. But we’re assuming her choice in audition outfit got her through to the Hollywood round.

Last night Bikini Girl showed up with clothes on and sang an a capella version of Faith Hill’s Breathe, and told the judges, “I’m the next American Idol because…I am.”

Ok, so this girl isn’t winning any points for brightness, but she does have a decent voice. And Kara was the first to acknowledge it. She said, "We had a fun time last time, didn't we?

"What can I say? You're a beautiful girl. I have to tell you, when you started the song, you were better than your last audition. You had me thinking I was wrong – but actually, I think I was right! It went off at the end and got thin."

Simon, who seems to be Katrina’s #1 fan, agreed with Kara, telling her that she should have sung with background music rather than a capella.

But something she did must have been right, because she was put through to the next round! But Kara had to get one last word in edgewise, shouting, “Bring your pole tomorrow!”

Ouch! We would not want to be on Kara’s bad side! She is feisty! And as much as BG annoyed us during the auditions, at least it’s making this season a little more interesting!