Before Simon Cowell Was A Millionaire

April 12, 2007 By:
Before Simon Cowell Was A Millionaire

Before Simon Cowell was a millionaire/TV star he was struggling to get some face time on air. Simon made his first TV debut on a game show called "Sale Of The Century" in 1990 at the age of 30. Simon's goal was to win a Fiat Uno on "Sale of The Century". Unfortunately he only won Kitchen utensils.

Fellow contestant Barbara Humphreys, who uncovered the footage while clearing out some old boxes said, "Watching the video now I remember thinking Simon was quite posh and handsome. He had a good sense of humour but I would never have put him down as a future superstar. He prattled on a lot backstage about wanting a Fiat Uno, but it obviously wasn't the height of his ambition."

Nowadays Simon is worth millions and can be credited for the success of 'American Idol'. Let's face it; he's the guy you love to hate.

Barbara also mentioned that she didn’t recognize Simon because he had a lot more hair and he "obviously had his teeth done". She continued, "He was very pleasant and said he was a record company director. But the main thing I remember about him is he couldn't answer one of the questions. He didn't know who Saddam Hussein was, but I suppose in 1990 a lot of people would have been the same.