American Idol Uses the Save on Michael Lynche

April 8, 2010 By:
American Idol Uses the Save on Michael Lynche

The American Idol judges used their infamous save on last night’s show—and we’re so glad they did! Contestant Michael Lynche was about to get kicked off the show after receiving the least amount of votes this week.

We were pretty surprised, considering how great Michael has been throughout this competition. His performance of “Eleanor Rigby” on Tuesday night wasn’t his best, but surely it was better than some of the others!

In the end though, Big Mike was saved after he sang the tear-jerker “This Woman’s Work.” Simon told him, “This is unanimous, Michael, if that is any comfort. And we have decided that we are going to see you next week.”

Now two contestants will be kicked off next week! Stay tuned for Adam Lambert as the mentor!