American Idol Returns! What to Expect from Tonight's Premiere

January 19, 2011 By:
American Idol Returns! What to Expect from Tonight's Premiere

American Idol returns tonight! Whether you’ve been an uber-fan throughout the years or stopped watching a few seasons ago shouldn’t matter, because this season is expected to be totally different!

With the new judges, the lowered age requirement of contestants and many more changes, season ten should be pretty interesting to watch!

Here’s what we’re hearing viewers can expect from tonight’s premiere:

Voting: Not only did the audition age lower to 15 this year, but the show is catering to its younger viewers by enabling them to vote online now too. Guess texting is soo 2009. We’re also hearing Idol is getting a new set, and the contestants will be allowed to interact with their fans via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Way to join the 21st century, Idol!

Frontrunners: The season hasn’t even started, and already Nygel Lythgoe is leaking info about his faves. He tells Us, "There's a 15 year-old girl who sings like Kelly Clarkson, [she] might give Kelly a real run for her money! We've got good church voices we haven't had since Jennifer Hudson and it's [a male singer]. We've [also] never had a double bass country voice, but we've got a 16 year-old kid who sings right down in his boots. It's unique."

Living Quarters: This year, the finalists will live together in one big house—a mansion actually. Lythgoe says, "The whole idea of the mansion is to give [viewers] another platform to see how they interact. We're not really interested in who's looking at who and if they're touching or holding hands. It's not Big Brother!"

The New Judges: We’re all dying to see how Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are going to fit into the show. But J. Lo has been vocal about the kind of judge she is, saying she’s “tough, easy and fair.”

"I don't want to let anybody really great [not make it through] because they're nervous, and not get to see what they could have did," Lopez says. "They're going to come in here and be a little bit nervous in the beginning, and then you realize, 'Wow, that person is really talented.' So we work them a little bit more than maybe you've seen in the past. We've given them more of a chance.

Contestant Changes: There will be several different rules for the finalists this season. They’ll be able to write their own songs, they won’t be able to rely on their instruments as much, there won’t be an even amount of boys and girls in the top 12, and the wild round will be brought back, in which the judges will decide to bring certain contestants back.

Sounds like a whole lot to look forward to! Tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox, and check back on tomorrow for our full Idol recap!