'American Idol' Phil Phillips' First Single Gets Some Olympic Love

August 3, 2012 By:

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ first single, “Home” is getting some serious love, and in turn financial support, courtesy of NBC’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympics.

According to Billboard.com, patriots are downloading the single in droves after it’s been used in heavy rotation during the coverage of US women’s gymnastics.

There’s nothing like the endorsement of the entire country to give your record sales a boost, and it’s possible that by Sunday August 5, the song could sell around 200,000 this week alone.

NBC started using the single as an unofficial but kind of official anthem last weekend, and by Sunday it had shown a 69% increase in sales from the week prior, going from 24,000 to 40,000 copies.

“Home” originally hit the airwaves in May shortly after Phillips took the crown of our countries one-and-only-Idol-until-we-pick-another-one-next-season. It had 278,000 downloads during its first week, and peaked on the charts at No. 10.

Its download tally to date in 617,000. So if it adds another 200,000 three months later, that’s pretty impressive.

And seriously, now that we have without a doubt proved our global superiority on the mat with Gabby Douglas whooping butt in the women’s individual all around, and team USA taking the top spot for the greatest all around team on the planet – there’s no better time than ever to stand tall and blast that acoustic guitar ballad!

Since most of us could suffer serious injury attempting a mere cartwheel, the only way to really join in the party, and simultaneously do your duty as an American, is to click “Buy” now.

Come on America, only you can help Phillips go for Gold - records come in that color too you know)!!!!!!!