American Idol Goes To The Big Screen

August 21, 2007 By:
American Idol Goes To The Big Screen

American Idol fans will be happy to hear that Simon Cowell is turning the hit TV show into a film.

The film will be called “Starstruck” and Simon has taken it upon himself to cast the lead roles for the movie.

He says, "It is called Starstruck. We're writing the script as we talk.

"It is about 10 contestants who enter a gigantic singing contest. It's like Rocky. It's about good versus evil, and it will be very, very realistic.

"I'm going to cast the lead parts through an open audition process across America. So if you get through the auditions, and you get a part in this movie, it's a huge, huge deal."

Simon Cowell is one of the smartest businessmen I know of out there. The guy knows the movie is gonna rock so he's just giving people what they want and making butt loads of money doing it. We all know this movie is gonna be a huge success.