American Idol Gets A New Twist

March 11, 2009 By:
American Idol Gets A New Twist

American Idol is down to its final 13, who took the stage at the Kodak theater last night to perform songs by Michael Jackson. The fact that there are 13 contestants rather than the regular 12 is already a big change to the competition. But tonight another twist will be unveiled.

Last night Ryan teased the fact that some changes would be made, and now we hear a rumor about what it might be! We know you Idol fans can't wait until tonight, so we'll give you the scoop!

Today on his radio show, Ryan Seacrest said on-air, “We’ve kind of changed the entire theme and concept of the show. It deviates from the purity of the premise of American Idol.”

Ryan also had Idol executive producer Ken Warwick on the show, and he told him, “It’s because of a problem that’s been around actually, since Season 1. We’ve talked about doing something about it and, in fact, we tried it in another country to see if it’d work first – we tried it in France. And it does work, so we’re gonna put that into work tonight.”

Think you can guess what it is? If not here's one more hint. Last night, Simon made a comment about the new rule, saying, “It involves us, so I‘m not sure whether the public are gonna like this, but we’ve decided to do something slightly different."

Well, Access Hollywood did some investigating, and discovered that a judge's veto rule was put into place on the French version of Idol. That means if someone is sent home whom the judges think should stay, they can have the power to keep them there.

So the show is longer in the hands of America! Guess the judges don't always agree with who goes home, and want to make sure the best contestants stay! What do you think of the new rule? Is it fair?