American Idol Finale: Phillip Phillips Wins Plus: A Wedding Proposal

May 24, 2012 By:
American Idol Finale: Phillip Phillips Wins Plus: A Wedding Proposal

Last night’s “American Idol” episode played out like a series finale of an HBO show. Old cast members returned, there were special guest appearances, and last minute twists in the plot. I’m talking about a wedding proposal, people!

“Idol” alums Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young made their way to the stage as “the first Idol couple.” This didn’t seem totally out of character for the show. After all, they were pulling past contestants, alums, and celebs out of every corner of the Nokia theater that night. Then came the first ever “Idol” wedding proposal.

Now, before you get all worried about how this all played out, I’ll spare you. She said yes!

It all started when host Ryan Seacrest called the couple to the stage with his classic “dim the lights.” Young explained that this was home for them and, as such, was a perfect place to ask a simple question.

“We have conquered Broadway together. We have created our new music together. We have an amazing group of people around us,” said Young. “And with the help of David Webb jewelry (product placement!) I have a way to make this last forever. Are you ready?”

The elimination music was playing and young was nervously rambling on… Meanwhile, everyone else was wondering “Where the heck is this going?”

Young got on one knee and asked DeGarmo to “make this last forever.” She said yes, they cried, and all was good in the world. Seacrest came up to interview the couple and ask how they felt, adding an artificial touch to the lifetime milestone.

"I'm so speechless right now," said DeGarmo, crying. "Wow, babe, you picked a good one! My makeup's running."

Coming out on top in the finale was Phillip Phillips, who also got a little teary-eyed in his finale “Idol” performance of “Home.” A record-breaking 132 million votes came in him and fellow finalist Jessica Sanchez after their finale competition night on Tuesday.

Also performing in the epic season finale were CCR’s John Fogerty, Reba McEntire, Jennifer Holliday, Neil Diamond Rihanna, J.Lo, and Aerosmith.