American Idol Auditions to Kick Off June 14th

June 2, 2009 By:
American Idol Auditions to Kick Off June 14th

Kris Allen has barely had time to enjoy his crowning as American Idol, and the audition process is starting again! Auditions for season 9 are kicking off June 14th in Boston. Those judges really have no down time!

The auditions, which grow bigger and bigger each season, will then travel to Atlanta on June 18th, followed by Los Angeles on June 30th. Idol will travel to seven U.S. cities total, in hopes of finding hidden musical gems at each stop along the way.

But the best part of the auditions are by far the awful ones. It’s hard to imagine the show is already beginning the process all over again! Here’s the tentative list of audition dates. Start warming up those vocal chords!

Boston: Sunday, June 14

Atlanta: Thursday, June 18

Los Angeles: Tuesday, June 30

Orlando: July 9

Denver: July 14

Chicago: TBD

Dallas: TBD