American Idol Alums Offer Support To Jennifer Hudson

October 27, 2008 By:
American Idol Alums Offer Support To Jennifer Hudson

We’re all in shock over the tragedy involving Jennifer Hudson’s family. And friends of Jennifer have been coming forward with words of support for her at this time.

Diana DeGarmo says, "I was completely shocked and stunned when I heard about this tragedy. I know how important Jennifer's mother and brother were to her. They were so nice and so pleasant. Jennifer always spoke about her mom, how close they were and how much of a 'big sister' role her mom played in her life."

Camile Velasco says of Jennifer’s mom, "I met Jennifer's mom when she came to the set in L.A. and I also went to Jennifer's home on the South Side of Chicago during the American Idol tour and spent time with her mom. She was a great lady, real sweet and a great supporter of Jennifer's who was happy and glad for her daughter's success."

Jon Peter Lewis, "She was living her dream. For her to have gone on to be in so many wonderful movies and to have gotten an Oscar and to have a strong record out, and she recently got engaged - she had the whole world before her... everything was fine."

Simon Cowell even offered his support saying, "What has happened is absolutely horrendous. My thoughts go out to Jennifer and all her family. This is absolutely horrible."

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