American Idol - Phillips vs Sanchez: And The Winner Should Be...

May 23, 2012 By:
American Idol - Phillips vs Sanchez: And The Winner Should Be...

Handsome boy next door strapped with a guitar? Exotic diva with a killer set of pipes? The entire nation is abuzz wondering who will be crowned the next American Idol.

The final performance show for Season 11 was, according to Jennifer Lopez, a “battle of opposites.”

Jessica Sanchez, an accomplished singer who prior to AI made her “American” debut on Americas Got Talent, has sung for the NFL and recorded a couple of singles. Her talent has never been in question.

Phillip Phillips bio is slightly more modest, with a Wiki page that boasts he grew up in Georgia and graduated from college (missing the ceremony due to AI responsibilities). But there’s just something we (i.e. Jennifer Lopez) like about him.

As far as the final performances go, word on the Web is that Sanchez played it safe (boring), but Phillips rose to the occasion entertaining the crowd and the judges (i.e. Jennifer Lopez).

According to MTV’s Bigger Than The Sound, this seasons votes go beyond the two hopefuls to determine the future of Idol itself. Hot, young, talented women are all the rage right now with young America (Gaga, Perry, Rihanna), but American Idol viewers (voters) keep getting older and more out of touch. If Phillips wins, he would be the fifth “boring white guy” in a row to take the title.

Web speculation aside, let's see what the bookies are saying. Race & Sports Book in Vegas has calculated the odds for the coveted win. There’s a lot of numbers and some math getting thrown around, but it boils down to: Sanchez for the win. Of course, if there’s one thing America loves, it’s the underdog. Hmmmm….

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The two-hour season finale airs tonight on Fox. And in case you missed it, Jennifer Lopez is a judge.