Alexis Grace Booted, Won't Tour with Idol

March 19, 2009 By:
Alexis Grace Booted, Won't Tour with Idol

Last night’s American Idol may have come as a surprise when the bottom three contestants included Allison, Alexis, And Michael. And even more surprising was what came next. Alexis Grace was voted off!

She may not have sang the performance of a lifetime with Jolene the night earlier, but that girl can sing! It’s more than a couple other contestants can say for themselves. You know who we’re talking about…

That brings us to the judge’s new rule. About 3 seconds after digesting the news that she’d be going home, Alexis was told to sing her heart out and the judge’s would base her fate on her performance. Only problem was, as she sang, they talked the entire time! Simon told a seemingly broke-down Alexis that she was good, but not good enough. And off she went, one person away from making the Idol tour.

The judge’s new veto rule is all fine and good, but we think it should be dealt with differently, not just as a quicky decision at the end of the show! We’d even rather they decide by the next week! At least have some time to think about it.

So now we’re left with ten. Who do you think should go next? We think the clock is ticking on a few different contestants, and the competition is just going to get steeper. Weigh in with your comments below!