Teen Mom's Nude Photos are Devastating

February 25, 2011 By:
Teen Mom's Nude Photos are Devastating

Amber Portwood, the violent reality star of Teen Mom commented on the nude photos of her that were released Thursday.

"I'm devastated that these pictures were stolen from my phone and sold by someone I trusted," Portwood told MTV. "It makes me sad that anyone would do this, and I'm horrified that something so private is being shared publicly."

Yeah, the rest of us are equally horrified and devastated. The shots show Portwood nude, desperately trying to be sexy. At least that’s what I’ve read. I haven’t bothered to check them out. If you don’t mind scarring yourself for life, I’m sure you can find them.

It’s like this chick is following a guide on the quickest way to become famous for doing nothing. Nude cell phone photos? Check. Domestic violence? Check. Numerous court appearances? Check. The next step is rehab and/or sex with Charlie Sheen.