Teen Mom Stars Reconcile...in Court

February 9, 2011 By:
Teen Mom Stars Reconcile...in Court

If not for the backdrop of an MTV reality show, these two would just be your standard hicks from some Podunk town no one’s ever heard of. And the news would be, “random country bumpkin gets pregnant, goes to jail.”

In fact, that wouldn’t even be news, because I’m guessing this kind of thing happens all the time in places like…wherever they’re from. But thanks to MTV, we know their names, and they’re on magazine covers all over the U.S.

Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley were featured in the first season of the show, with their daughter Leah, whom Amber was pregnant with at sixteen. The parents met in an Indiana courtroom today, where Shirley asked the judge to lift the restraining order he has on Portwood. Shirley said he “never wanted it in the first place”. (Referring to the restraining order, not Leah. …oh, come on! I said not Leah!)

Portwood is currently in therapy, and Shirley hopes the two will eventually marry. Well, of course you have to marry! Gotta lock that babe down while she’s still on the market! For now, the couple is not allowed contact with each other while in the presence of their daughter. Portwood choked up in court upon hearing this, asking the judge, “There's no way we could see her together?"

The judge replied, “I want to make sure Leah doesn't end up in the middle of the turmoil that seems to be surrounding the two of you right now.”

The two were seen leaving the courtroom together, holding hands. They then hopped on a three-wheeler and went critter huntin’.