Amber Portwood: I'm Going to Hang Myself!

June 15, 2011 By:
Amber Portwood: I'm Going to Hang Myself!

Teen mom, Amber Portwood, has been hospitalized after threatening suicide and it was her ex-fiancé and punching bag Gary Shirley who made the 911 call.

TMZ reports that Gary called police because he feared she would end her life. A source claims that Amber and Gary got into a fight on the phone and “she said she was so upset, she was going to kill herself.”

Amber later added to the threat, “When you come check on me, I’ll be in the garage with a rope around my neck and you’ll find my body there.”

After Amber hung up the phone and wouldn’t respond to his text message Gary worried and called police and told them “I’m calling you guys because I don’t want her to kill herself.”

Cops arrived at Amber’s home and she did not appear to be injured but she was taken to nearby ST. John’s Hospital in Anderson, Indiana.

The troubled teen mom has lots to be worried about. Last week Amber pleaded guilty to two felony counts of domestic battery as part of a plea bargain.

Her sentence includes serving two years probation, complete 30 days of inpatient treatment, receive a high school diploma as well as put $10,000 in her daughters college savings.

These charges arose after Amber was seen engaging in domestic violence against Gary on MTV series Teen Mom.