Amanda Seyfried on Co-Star Justin Timberlake: Sex Scenes Are Great

September 13, 2011 By:
Amanda Seyfried on Co-Star Justin Timberlake: Sex Scenes Are Great

Mila Kunis, um, I mean, Amanda Seyfried, looks great next to Justin Timberlake on the October cover of W Magazine.

Seyfried and Timberlake star in the upcoming futuristic thriller, where people stop aging at 25. So far, so good. I know, that’s what I thought, too. But it gets worse: They have to work to buy themselves more time in life, which means the wealthy live forever while the poor have to resort to begging, borrowing and stealing time to live longer. So, I would probably be screwed. I’d live to 31 at the most.

The tagline of the movie should be: 45 is the new 25. Literally.

Oh, and don’t try to make sense of the W Magazine cover, it has absolutely nothing to do with this movie, so far as I can tell. The cover has Timberlake and Seyfried looking like a presidential power couple, and you can’t help but notice that she looks a lot like Mila Kunis. But I don’t know, maybe I’m just used to seeing Mila by Justin’s side after they worked so hard-promoting Friends With Benefits. Seyfried wears a gold Calvin Klein sheath dress with short, cropped blonde hair.

Inside the mag, Seyfried goes brunette, looking more mistress than matron. Wearing Carolina Herrerra satin, she lays in bed with Timberlake resting on top of her. In an interview with W, Seyfried opens up about her sex scenes, and she surprisingly doesn’t give the typical Hollywood response: Oh, they’re no fun, it’s all for the production.

“Sex scenes are great. A lot of my costars have been sexy guys my age, and so, why not? I’m not going to pretend it’s not fun,” Seyfried says.

She continues,

“Justin was great—he had come from Friends with Benefits, where he basically had sex every day at work—and so it was easy for both of us.”

Okay, it’s one thing to own it, it’s another thing to make it sound like you’re doing a porn. Or maybe that’s what Amanda Seyfried thinks she’s doing.

More than four lines here? And not a single, ‘Oh, baby’? Who wrote this?!

Amanda also dishes on her dating history:

“Making a movie is, in general, romantic. It’s very special, very intimate. So you can see why a lot of actors get together. When you’re young, it’s hard not to get together with your costar.”

Not to leave him out, Justin Timberlake also said things in the magazine.

“I have to laugh about the fact that I grew up in public. Why did no one tell me how terrible some of those outfits were?”

I’m guessing he’s referring to that three-piece denim suit (four piece, including the fedora). He has to be referring to that, right?