Amanda Peet Apologizes For Vaccination Comments

July 17, 2008 By:
Amanda Peet Apologizes For Vaccination Comments

Amanda Peet came under fire for a recent comment she made in an interview with Cookie Magazine, saying, "parents who don't vaccinate their children are parasites."

It angered a lot of people, so Peet issued an apology on the magazine's website, saying, "I believe in my heart that my use of the word 'parasites' was mean and divisive. I completely understand why it offended some parents, and in particular, parents of children with autism who feel that vaccines caused their illness. For this I am truly sorry."

But she doesn't back down on her stance on vaccinations. She says, "I still believe that the decision not to vaccinate our children bodes for a dangerous future. Vast reductions in immunization will lead to a resurgence of deadly viruses."

"There is no association between autism and vaccines. How many more studies do we need to conduct on vaccines, before we start re-channeling our efforts and money towards research on autism?"

Do you side with Amanda Peet on this issue?