What is a 5150 Hold and How Can it Help Amanda Bynes?

July 24, 2013 By:
What is a 5150 Hold and How Can it Help Amanda Bynes?

In the last two days, the Internet has been going crazy with talk of Amanda Bynes, 5150 holds, conservatorships, and possible schizophrenia.

A) What does it all mean? And B) How can this help Amanda Bynes?

Firstly, what is a 5150 hold in non-medical terms?

“A 5150 is an involuntary psychiatric hold.  It is used when someone seems mentally unstable and displays behaviors that are unsafe in the community. It is a legal order of detention to a psychiatric facility where evaluation by a psychiatrist can take place for up to 72 hours,” Helen M. Farrell, MD (who has not personally treated Amanda) tells Hollyscoop.

Ok, so Amanda did something crazy (lit a fire in someone’s yard and drenched her dog in gasoline), now what?

“The 5150 gives professionals a great opportunity to thoroughly evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in an acute and safe setting.  The 5150 is definitely a huge step that opens the door to treatment and a much better future,” Dr. Farrell adds.

Basically, without a 5150 hold, no one can find out if there’s anything wrong with Ms. Bynes.

But what about the supposed conservatorship that everyone is asking about?

“She is an adult and will retain control of her life unless doctors feel she needs a guardian to live safely. [If she’s deemed a danger to herself or others, her parents would] petition to the court and ask for legal assignment of a 3rd party [a conservator] to control certain aspects of Bynes' decision making capacities.”

Those “decision making capacities” includes her finances. Her parents would have control over her supposed $4 million net worth.