See Amanda Bynes' Would-Be Grill

October 10, 2013 By:
See Amanda Bynes' Would-Be Grill
Image By: Instagram

Ever wanted to know what that grill Amanda Bynes was trying to get would have looked like had she not gotten arrested and confined to a hospital?

Well, here it is.

Grill-er (is that what a grill jeweler is called?) Ben Baller met with Amanda months ago to make her a custom grill, because remember, Amanda was pursuing a rap career back when she was living in NY.

Ben finished the grill, even considering Amanda’s current predicament and he posted a photo of the finished product. And we have to say, it turned out quite lovely. Yes, we just described a glorified retainer as “quite lovely.”

The grill is made of natural pink diamonds set on 14K rose gold. Ben says, “Tried for months to deliver this to [Amanda] but doubt it will happen. Should I auction these off to charity?”