Amanda Bynes Locks Self In Dressing Room - NOT Going To Rehab

September 18, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes Locks Self In Dressing Room - NOT Going To Rehab

Yesterday we reported that Amanda Bynes was reportedly going to rehab, for her drinking problem and also for her strange and erratic behavior (more on that later), but apparently Amanda Bynes has zero plans for rehab, but she’s still acting crazy.

Here’s the part about Amanda Bynes being crazy.

Amanda Bynes deathmobile was impounded on Sunday after the retired actress was finally punished for driving on a suspended license and now that Amanda doesn’t have a car to smoke out of, she’s reportedly been hopping around LA with a car service and/or taxis doing some weird stuff.

First, Amanda went shopping in West Hollywood and locked herself in the dressing room for 2 hours! Did she try on the whole store!?

Amanda went into the dressing room and after staying there for nearly an hour, the store employees started hearing thumping sounds every 10 minutes or so. This according to TMZ.

Whenever the store clerks went to check on Amanda she would yell out, “I need more time.”

She also left the store wearing a bikini top under her dress and told the clerk she forgot it was on.

Who tries on clothes for that long and then forgets that you didn’t change back into your own undergarments? We’re guessing something a little bit stronger than weed came into play here.

It was also reported that an hour or so before Amanda's car was impounded on Sunday she was driving aimlessly around the Burbank airport, like pulling into no-parking zones and loitering near the valet. When she left, she was pulled over and her car was impounded. She never returned to catch a flight at the airport, so no idea what she was doing there in the first place? Picking up a friend? But who calls the friend with the suspended license and the DUI to come get you at the airport?